Welcome to the Irish Genealogical Society of Michigan. The Irish Genealogical Society of Michigan is a non-denominational organization focusing on genealogical research in all thirty-two counties of the Emerald Isle. The society is open to everyone! 


Next Meeting
Saturday, May 16, 2015
1:30 pm
Finding Birth and Death Indexes Online
Gaelic League of Detroit
2068 Michigan Avenue
Detroit, MI 48216
The talk, “Finding Birth and Death Indexes Online” starts out with a brief look at what is an index, then goes into a look at the four largest indexes you will find online and finishes with some ideas on finding smaller localized indexes.
Our presenter, Don Hengen, was born in Omaha, NE.  A number of job transfers led him to Toledo, Ohio in 1989 but they included two stops in Sterling Heights and Warren, MI.  He has been doing genealogy for 26 years after his youngest sister got him interested.  A full time genealogist since he retired about 10 years ago, he is working on tracing all the descendants of 2 of his Quaker ancestors, spending a lot of his time in Indiana.  Don has belonged to the Toledo Area Genealogical Society and the Genealogy by Computer Society for 25 years.  He has served as Treasurer for both groups and was President of Genealogy by Computer Society for 4 years.

Coming Events
Saturday, Jun. 20th
Holy Cross Cemetery Vist with Chris Clemens